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Morning Line
The Morning Line – Albuquerque Round 2 & 15/15 Bucking Battle
The Morning Line – Albuquerque Round 2 & 15/15 Bucking Battle

Round 2:

Jess Lockwood on 450 Lightning Before Thunder:

This bull isn’t a pushover, but he’s way easier to ride than Lockwood’s Round 1 bull. He’s likely to go to the left, which isn’t going to win this matchup for him. Look for Lockwood to pick up a second straight score here.

Colten Jesse on 15 Hit Man:

Jesse is one of the few who got on the board in Round 1, and he’s likely to do it again here. Hit Man is one of the nicer draws in this round for a left-handed rider. He may not be enough bull to win the round on, but he has great timing, and knocking this one out will get Jesse halfway to riding all four bulls here.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 597 Heavy D:

Heavy D can be pretty tough right out of the chute, but once he gets into the spin he should even out and be more rideable. He likes to go to the left, which will be great for Viera, who already has an 87.5-point score on his first-round bull.

Joe Frost on 36B Stage Fright:

To stay perfect here, Frost will have to take down this bull going away from his hand. Stage Fright likes to go to the left, and he is a solid bull who has all the tools. He also has great timing, which makes this doable for Frost.

Stetson Lawrence on 579 Kern River:

This may be the best draw in tonight’s pen for a lefty, and Lawrence has ridden him already this season. Kern River doesn’t have a long history, but he’s 1-3 against left-handed riders and Lawrence is one of the three.

Rubens Barbosa on 361 Hedoo:

Barbosa nearly rode a tough bull last night away from his hand that would have put him close to the top of the leaderboard. He probably will get a score here. Hedoo can be a little heavy, but he’s rideable for every guy at this level.

Kaique Pacheco on 254 Dynamite Cap:

This bull is 3-3 at this level in just six career outs. No bull with 50% buckoff should ever get the best of a World Champion-caliber rider. Pacheco needs the points here. He got a score last night on a tougher bull than this one, and he’ll probably win this matchup too.

15/15 Round

Alisson de Souza on 397A Frequent Flyer:

This is not the best matchup for Souza. He tends to make big moves and that won’t work well on this bull. Frequent Flyer usually goes to the left – away from Souza’s hand. He has enough forward movement to get most riders strung out and launch them out the back. Souza will need to be compact and precise to win here, and that’s not usually his style.

Ezekiel Mitchell on 319 Canadian Mist:

Mitchell is a fundamentally sound rider so he has a chance here, but this is a tall order for any right-handed rider. Canadian Mist really lights it up to the left, and he’s 14-0 against righties. He has good timing, but he has so much speed he can get away from anyone.

Matt Triplett on 513 Good Night Robicheaux:

This is the bull that slammed Cannon Cravens into the chute in Little Rock. Robicheaux is 19-0 in his career. He’s a four-year-old ABBI Classic contender this season and he has a recent win. He likes the left, and he’s a pretty tough matchup for a right-handed rider.

Cannon Cravens on 28A Smooth Wreck:

Smooth Wreck is unridden this season, and he’s had some big outs, but Cravens has a shot here. This bull relies on a lot of up and down and that is Cravens’ strong suit. He can handle the up and down of even world class bulls. This is a seriously difficult bull, but a seriously big score isn’t out of the question here.

Mason Taylor on 83A Wild Goose:

These two met in Los Angeles in February and it didn’t go well for Taylor. Wild Goose has faced eight riders this season, and it didn’t go well for any of them. This bull was 12-4 last season, but he seems to have upped his game this year. He’s looked like one of the most difficult bulls in the business all year.

Cody Jesus on 323 Legit:

Jess Lockwood rode this bull last night, but that won’t make this any easier. Jesus is a small, left handed rider, just like Lockwood. If he can get Legit to go left like he did last night he has a shot here, but in general this bull isn’t a great fit for anyone.

Claudio Montanha Jr. on 32Y Sweet Pro’s Bruiser:

Montanha bucked off Bruiser about a year ago, but that doesn’t mean it will happen again. Bruiser is more than capable of throwing off any rider. He’s turfed two world champs in his last three outs, but his honest style gives every rider a chance every time. He’s never really thrown a trick move or a cheap shot in 112 career outs. Montanha will have a chance here, but he’ll need to be perfect.

Ryan Dirteater on 23B Fearless:

Fearless is 29-0 right now, but he’s been ridden past the seven second mark in two of his last three outs, and by right-handed riders. He’s more likely to be ridden by a lefty. Dirteater has knocked off big name bulls before, and he has a shot here.

Derek Kolbaba on 553C Hard to Twist:

This bull is a perfect 10-0 in his career, but Kolbaba is on something of a roll himself. This is the least proven bull in the 15/15 round, which could be an advantage for Kolbaba. This round is full of bulls who have proven themselves to be legitimately difficult, and this one is still working on his credentials.

Luciano de Castro on 362A Heartbreak Kid:

Heartbreak Kid is 60-1 in his career, and Castro is the one. He rode this bull on an off day back in 2017. This won’t be the same bull. Heartbreak Kid is the most difficult bull to ride in the PBR right now. He has world class power, he’s out of line, unpredictable and has broken timing. He has everything that makes a bull hard to ride, and he has it all in spades. Castro does have the kind of style it will take to break this bull’s streak. He’ll have to be able deal with being on the end of his arm for a jump or two, and he’ll have to make some desperate moves, and he’ll need a little luck on top of all that.

Cody Teel on 001 Smooth Operator:

Smooth Operator went to the left in Columbus, and he gave up a score to a left-handed rider for the first time ever. He usually goes to the right, and he’s a better fit for a righty. He’s still one of the top bulls in the PBR and he’s tough for everyone, but if he goes right here Teel has a good chance.

Jess Lockwood on 1173 Gangsters Wildside:

Lockwood is the only man to have ridden this bull in 27 career outs. He was 88.5 points just over a year ago in Oklahoma City, and knocked off an unridden bull last night in Round 1. This one will be tough, but Lockwood appears to be on a mission in 2019.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 537C Air Assault:

Air Assault is almost certainly going to spin away from Vieira’s hand, and he’s pretty salty. He’s 4-0 against left-handed riders, but he’s also given up four qualified rides in 12 career outs. Vieira has improved against bulls that go to the right and that will be tested here.

Chase Outlaw on 169 Sky Harbor:

This bull tied with Bruiser for the high-marked bull in Columbus, and he threw off Jose Vitor Leme there. Outlaw has a chance here because Sky Harbor should spin into his hand, but this bull can be as rank as any bull in the World Championship bull race on any given day.

Jose Vitor Leme on 437B Lil 2 Train:

Chase Outlaw drew a bull that threw Leme off in Columbus, and Leme drew this bull who threw Outlaw off in Columbus. Lil 2 Train also threw Outlaw off in Sioux Falls. He’s 5-0 against lefties overall. This will be a tough matchup for Leme.

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