The Morning Line – Albuquerque Round 1 Morning Line
The Morning Line - Nashville Round 1 Morning Line
The Morning Line - Houston Round 2 Morning Line
The Morning Line - Houston Round 1 & 15/15 Bucking Battle Morning Line
The Morning Line - Tulsa Round 2 Morning Line
The Morning Line - Tulsa Round 1 and 15/15 Bucking Battle Morning Line
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Morning Line
The Morning Line – Albuquerque Round 1
The Morning Line – Albuquerque Round 1

Joe Frost on 857 Husker:

Husker is relatively unknown at the UTB level, but he’s been around the rodeo circuit for a while and Frost is probably familiar with him. He’s been ridden a few times by riders who aren’t as capable as Frost.

Alisson De Souza on -400 Oz:

Souza bucked off this bull in Billings, Montana, but Oz is a very good draw at this level. He’s honest, but challenging in the same way Bruiser is. He won’t be easy to ride, but he gives the rider a chance. This is a bull to keep an eye on going forward.

Jose Vitor Leme on 100 Nailed:

This is an odd matchup. Leme is the top rider in the standings and he’s certainly one of the most capable against every type of bull. Nailed is one of the most rideable bulls at this level, but he’s far more rideable for right-handed riders. Leme bucked off of him in 2018, but the odds are pretty even here. This bull is beneath his ability, but Leme has come down on lesser bulls this season.

Matt Triplett on 503 Pan Am:

Cody Nance rode this bull in Kansas City earlier this year. Pan Am is a fairly new bull with only three outs on record, but he looks to have good timing and a solid pattern. Triplett could do well here.

Marco Eguchi on 4101 Cowboy’s Red River:

Red River has a respectable buckoff record against good riders, but he looks like he should really fit right-handed riders. Eguchi has had a lackluster season after winning the World Finals, but he finished Columbus with a big ride and could be set to build some momentum with this matchup.

Taylor Toves on 77B Medicine Man:

Toves rode this bull for 85.75 points in Little Rock, Arkansas, earlier this season. Medicine Man is notably vulnerable to right-handed riders – he’s 4-8 against them. He’s also been ridden five times in six outs at the UTB level this season. Prior to 2019 he was 20-5 overall.

Chase Outlaw on 3 Stunt Man Ray:

This is a big matchup for Outlaw and could easily be the round win. Ray has been ridden 13 times in his career with six of those resulting in round wins for the rider. The one caveat is that he’s a much better fit for right-handed riders, but Outlaw is more than capable of handling him.

Jess Lockwood on 323 Legit:

Legit probably isn’t the most difficult bull in the PBR right now, but he’s close. He’s a particularly bad fit for Lockwood because he tends to shoot forward and go to the right, away from Lockwood’s hand. This bull’s weakness lies in his inexperience. There’s a decent chance that if someone stays on him long enough, he will lose his focus and weaken. Lockwood is a tenacious rider who can handle adversity, and he may be able to hang in there until this bull gives him a break.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 1206 Cut the Cord:

This is one of the highest rated bulls in Round 1, and he can be good enough to win the round on. The key factor here is that while he can go either way, he usually likes to go to the right. He’s much tougher to ride when he goes away from a rider’s hand. If he goes to the left here, Vieira has the edge.

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