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The Morning Line - Sacramento: Round 2
The Morning Line - Sacramento: Round 2

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Round 2 of the Sacramento Invitational can be seen on CBS Sports Network at 10 p.m. ET and on RidePass at 9:45 p.m. ET.

Jose Vitor Leme on 57Z Jack Shot:
This is an interesting matchup. Leme played the part of the challenger last season, and he was a serious challenger right up until the end of the World Finals. He ultimately lost out to Kaique Pacheco, and this bull played a big part in that. Jack Shot is uniquely Pacheco’s bull. He’s been ridden 10 times in his career, and Pacheco is responsible for six of those rides. Four of those happened in 2018, and all four counted as round wins. In a sense, Leme is facing the bull that cost him a world title last year. He’s never been on Jack Shot before, and Jack Shot has never been ridden by a lefty. Physically, this bull is a light version of Bruiser, but he spins to the right and has some forward movement that Bruiser lacks.

Koal Livingston on 2-1 Mortimer:
Mortimer is one of the best draws in the sport, and certainly in every round he appears in. Livingston bucked off in Round 1, but he hit the lottery here and has a chance to get on the board at this event. He also can get revenge on a bull that threw him off in 2017, and maybe get a round win.

Cody Jesus on 94Z High Razor:
High Razor is a consistent, rideable bull, but he consistently goes to the right. This is a smaller bull with a lot of flash and action, and he will drift across the arena while spinning. Jesus has the talent to do very well at this level, but his strength is riding bulls that go into his hand. He’ll have to get it done going the other way here.

Lonnie West on 463 Red Rocker:
We don’t know much about this bull. He was out twice in Denver, was ridden for 86.5 points by Paulo Lima, and to the 6.3-second mark by Brady Sims. West is very similar to both those guys, so expect him to get along with this bull and possibly pick up a second straight score here.

Rubens Barbosa on 700 Compton Kid:
This will be the UTB debut for this bull. On the rodeo trail, Compton Kid has been ridden in half his outs, and that amounts to pretty much every time he’s faced a high-level rider. That record makes him one of the easier to ride bulls in this round. Barbosa will get a score here unless he throws himself off.

Chase Outlaw on 248 Squirrel:
Joao Vieira rode this bull for 85.5 points last week in Glendale, but Squirrel has a very respectable career buckoff record. He can be a little squirrely before he goes into a spin to the left, but if Outlaw gets through the initial turn in good shape, he should dominate this matchup.

Claudio Montanha on -44 Custer:
Montanha bucked off one of the most difficult bulls in the round last night, but he drew much better in Round 2. Custer hasn’t competed at the highest levels very often, but he has six outs on record and four of those were qualified rides. He was ridden twice at the National Finals Rodeo in December for first place in one round and second in another. Look for Montanha to bounce back and get a score tonight.

Stetson Lawrence on 289 Rocket:
Eduardo Aparecido made a nice ride on this bull last week in Glendale. Rocket looks like a bull that most riders should like. He doesn’t cover a lot of ground, and he turned back both ways with Aparecido. Lawrence has to be pleased with this draw.

Paulo Lima on W402 Jasper:
This is a really good bull from what we’ve seen of him. Chase Outlaw was 89.75 points on him in Nampa, Idaho, last fall. He can go pretty far out before he turns back, but he’s strong in every way. The biggest problems Lima will face here are that Jasper likes to go to the right, and he’s really bad in the chute. Lima isn’t the most resilient rider. He is better against bulls who fit him in as many ways possible.

Sean Willingham on A1 Steak Sauce:
Willingham looked really good last night in a near perfect 87.25-point ride. Throughout his career, Willingham has been the kind of rider who is always fighting a specific bad habit. Most riders have some flaw related to their riding style, and they are better off when they face a bull that doesn’t directly exploit their particular weakness. Steak Sauce may be that kind of fit for Willingham. This bull has a lot of up and down and he likes the right. He has a strong buckoff record, but he’s not as strong against high level riders, and he hasn’t faced a lot of top-tier righties.

J.B. Mauney on 33/2 Hawaiian Bond:
Mauney should have the edge here. Hawaiian Bond is a son of longtime PBR star Hawaiian Ivory, but he doesn’t show his father’s trademark up and down power. From what we’ve seen of this bull, he tends to go to the left and doesn’t have a lot of real power. He can be fast, but most everyday bulls that spin to the left aren’t going to cause Mauney much trouble.


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